When Your Past Comes Knocking

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Some taboos are meant to be broken.

Kayla (Spencer Bradley) gets a knock on her door, and it's revealed to be her sibling, Adam (Billy Boston). She's overjoyed that he came to visit, as they haven't seen each other in a while. Adam doesn't seem as relaxed as Kayla, however, as he reveals that he's just stopping by to say goodbye. He appears anxious as he explains that he lost his job and things aren't going well for him, so he's decided to live off the grid for a while and get a fresh start. Kayla is perplexed and worried about Adam. She asks for details, but he remains cryptic, hinting that there may be more to his misfortune than he's letting on. Kayla eventually convinces Adam to stay with her for a bit, and after some hesitation, Adam agrees.

Some weeks later, Kayla and Adam are lounging in the living room when suddenly an intimidating man (Derrick Pierce) shows up at the house and lets himself in with a look of pure, determined malice in his gritty eyes. To Kayla's shock, the man seems to be looking for Adam, who appears immediately frightened of the man and claims that he was going to call him. It becomes very clear that Adam hasn't only lost his job... but has gotten into deep water with the WRONG kind of people. Kayla tries to reason with the man, offering her paintings, cars anything she can to get Adam off the hook. Unfortunately, the man won't bite. He's only interested in getting back what's owed to him, and if that's not possible, then Adam is going to have to come with him and pay some other way.

Kayla, desperate to protect Adam, comes up with a last-ditch idea. She begins seducing the man, offering to have sex with him in return for Adam's freedom. The man agrees but takes pleasure in reminding Adam of how weak and cowardly he is to let Kayla fight his battles for him time and time again. Adam won't have the privilege of leaving the room as the man fucks Kayla the man makes sure that Adam stays in the room to watch. The man and Kayla have intense, energetic sex on her couch, all while Adam sits on the sidelines, shamed for the mess he's caused.


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